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MK313 Creativity and Communication in Marketing Profession Field Trip at Rattanakosin Exhibition Hall

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Written By Benya Pornvisawaraksakul, BBA#25
On August 22, 2017, a class of MK313, Creativity and Communication in Marketing Profession , held by Ajarn Chatuporn, went on a field trip to Rattanakosin Exhibition Hall. During our visit, we learned about the Thai history, from the earliest of King Rama 1, when Wat Phra Si Rattana Satsadaram was built in the Grand Palace (in imitation of Wat Phra Si Sanphet in Ayutthaya's Grand Palace), to remembering the significances in respect to our beloved late King Rama 9. It covers all and every aspects of "Thainess" in regards to our enriched audience that differs Rattanakosin Exhibition Hall from the rest.

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In my opinion, this museum has done a great job engaging the audience and incorporated modern day technologies that enhanced and truly maximized our experiences. With over 11 Halls, each Hall is unique; even though many of the Halls contain video clips, all of them have a very creative and distinct way of being displayed. For instance, as mentioned earlier that a brief historical timeline of each of the King Rama are being displayed, when listening to King Rama 3, we were in a room with a gigantic sailing ship, correlating to the prosperous trade with the Chinese during that period. But once stepped over to King Rama the sixth's room, we were greeted by wailing sirens and dark caved walls, representing the turbulent times of WWII. All in all, we learned a lot from this trip and despite being a bit too long on the tour, we really felt like we had taken something back and  thankful for our heroic ancestors who gave us a free country to live in today.

Posted date: September 28, 2017