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Q : What is the average SAT score to ensure interview eligibility?
Based on 2013 admissions record, the mean SAT score of successful candidates admitted to BBA International Program is 1,199.79
Q : How do I apply to the BBA?
You can apply on-line by visiting
Q : How long is the interview and who are the interviewers?
You will be interviewed for 15-20 minutes by BBA faculty.
Q : What should I prepare for the interview?
There is no need for you to obtain any special tutoring for the interview. Just be yourself and be honest. There is no need to prepare lengthy portfolios. The interviewing panel looks for maturity, communications skills, and personality that show you can work well with others during the talk.
Q : Do I need to be in Thailand for the interview?
We encourage applicants to be in Thailand for the interview as it gives you a better advantage. However, we do offer phone interviews for overseas students.
Q : Can I fail an interview?
Your written exam score i.e. SAT score and SMART-I score account for most of your overall application score. Usually students who fail to make the final admissions list are students who are on the borderline of the minimum SAT and SMART-I scores. The interviewing panel looks out for maturity and communications skills in the interview.
Q : What are your admissions criteria?
Students are ranked according to exam scores. The best performers usually in the top quintile are eligible for interview. The weighting criteria are provided below. SAT Score Submission Math 45% Critical Reading 45% Interview 10% SMART-I Submission Math 40% Critical Reading 5% General Knowledge 5% English 40% Interview 10%
Q : Are overseas applicant allowed to apply?
Yes, we accept applicants from all over the world.
Exchange programs
Q : What is your criteria for picking the school I can go to?
We assign you to the school based on grade and preference. Each school has a different quota for exchange student admissions. Usually, two students are sent to any one school overseas.
Q : How do I decide which course to take in the foreign school?
We recommend students take 3-4 courses per semester. Students are advised to select courses that fulfilled their required major and major electives. Final course selection is subject to approval from the BBA to ensure transferability and completion requirement.
Q : How many credits can I take and transfer?
30 credits is maximum.
Q : Will I get the school that I want to go on exchange?
It depends mainly on your grades and the exchange student quota for that particular school. Some schools are more popular among BBA students than others so we ask you to submit a list of schools you"d like to go on exchange in order of your prefer
Q : Can I transfer all my credits to the foreign school?
This depends on the school you are applying too. Being an exchange student does not mean automatic admissions to the foreign school. If you"d like to make a switch, you must directly apply to the school of your choice.
Q : How do I apply to go on exchange?
Sophomore students with GPA of at least 3.0 and TOEFL of at least 213 or IELTS of 6.00 or above are allowed to apply.