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Asian Winner – The Asia Social Innovation Award 2012

Written by Natthaporn Kittiwithayakul, BBA#18
Social Venture Hong Kong (SVhk) is a venture philanthropic organization, aiming to provide support to Social-Purpose Organizations or Social Enterprises in Hong Kong.
Under the belief that the urban social challenges in many Asian cities are quite alike and that only traditional method cannot satisfy the need of the society, it is time to call for innovation. Hence, the Asia Social Innovation Awards has been launched since 2008 to engage the general public to submit their social enterprise ideas to solve these problems. This year awards propose 3 biggest issues currently faced by Asia; 1. Aging Population 2. Social Inclusion and 3. Poverty. It receives a record-breaking of more than 480 participants from all over Asia.

I won the award from the “Knowledge Sharing Platform” from the Aging Population category. The idea is that elderly people are valued for their life experience and expertise, which will be gone once the person passes away. The aim of this would be to extract this knowledge and specialization in order to create an online and mobile application system. The campaign would allow the aging population to gain pride in their specializations while public would be participating in a socially-responsible mission to help the elderly by providing small amounts of capital and helping to carry on their stories and valuable treasures.
Posted date: January 7, 2012 – 14:00 Hrs.