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BBA Thammasat Teams WON 1st Place & Merit Award at Standard Chartered's Young Innovators Awards 2012

Written by Kraisri Kuludomphongse, BBA#18
On September 17th 2012, two teams from BBA Thammasat represented our program at the final round of the Standard Chartered Young Innovators Awards 2012. These two teams of fourth year students were Team Mozarella, which consisted of Saran Sriweraskul (Aom), Thawatchai Vikiniyatinee (Aek) and Kraisri Kuludomphongse and Team Init, which consisted of Varisara Tantrativud (Tong), Thanyaporn Thanormklin (Nac), and Tananya Kruabua (New).  
In this competition, students were required to come up with any new banking innovations that they thought would help improve Standard Chartered Bank Thailand in any of the following categories: product innovation, service innovation, channel innovation, and green technology. Over 60 teams submitted their ideas and 7 teams were chosen to pitch them to esteemed judges from Standard Chartered, AIS, and NECTEC in a 15- minute presentation which was followed by 10 minutes of Q&A.

In the end, Team Mozarella, won 1st place with our product idea that tries to mobile-banking more applicable to Thai society by combining it with an activity that people often do, ordering fast-food delivery in the form of a smart-phone application. With this, customers would not only be able to select their order but also have the money cut right from their bank account, creating convenience. In addition, a GPS system on the application would allow the food to be delivered to the customer’s location without having to go through the process of giving the address. Standard Chartered itself would be able to benefit from the transaction fees that occur during the process. The judges praised the idea for the idea’s simplicity and feasibility while being creative. We were amazed when the MC announced that Team Mozzarella had won after the difficulty we had in initially coming up with the idea.
In addition, team Init also received the merit award after giving a great presentation for idea to help SMEs in Thailand. This idea involved creating an application that increase business between SME customers of Standard Chartered by acting as a match-maker application that would enable SMEs to find and identify potential business-partners across their value chain. This would then help increase business and financial transactions for the bank itself.
For our success, we would like to thank the BBA program and the ajarns for providing us with valuable information that helped guide us along the way. In addition we would like to thank Standard Chartered for sponsoring and holding this event which allowed us to apply the skills we learn in the class-room. We are very proud that we have brought home a prize for BBA Thammasat on the first edition of this competition, and are sure that there will be more to follow.
Posted date: September 20, 2012 – 16:00 hrs.