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BBA Thammasat team won Bronze Award from HSBC Young Entrepreneur Challenge 2012

Written by Tanimar Narkmun (Oor), BBA#17
Once again BBA Thammasat has marked its name on this business plan competition! This year, team “The Trio”, consisting of Miss Charoyboon Tuntraviwat (Por) Mr. Thawatchai Vikiniyatanee (Aek) and myself Miss Tanimar Narkmun (Oor) received a Bronze Award in the HSBC Young Entrepreneurship Award 2012. We are so happy to finally apply our knowledge from BBA classes to the real world and make it successful!

In the beginning, we struggled to find an idea new and feasible enough to put into business! It took us more than two weeks to find an idea, which we owe all the credit to Mr. Paron Suksmith who is our friend from high school. His thesis inspired us to come up with a product called “NutriWheat,” a tapioca resistant flour that could help improve the dietary habits, health and wellbeing of Thai people. It may sound too simple to ever win any prize. While the quality of the idea was only a beginning to our success in the competition, what truly allowed us to outshine other teams was our marketing and communication plan. Yet, none of the members of our team specialize in marketing! What this means is that BBA Thammasat students are the best in every business aspect. So be proud!
Lastly, we would like to thank Mr. Paron and his advisor Dr. Chanida Hansawasdi for their comments and supports in making this business plan viable. We also would like to thank Dr. Toryos Pandejpong and BBA alumni for their advice and generosity in helping us see the strength and weakness of our business plan. In addition, we would like to thank BBA Thammasat for making us become the most that we can be, and for opening this opportunity to compete and bring a prize home. Be the Best Always!
Posted date: July 23, 2012 – 08:55 hrs.