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BBA Thammasat: The WINNERS of all competition categories from Young Financial Star Competition

Young Financial Star Competition (YFS) is the program started by Stock Exchange of Thailand to foster new generations of financial professionals. The purpose of this competition is to enhance students understanding of the importance and the methods of financial planning.  The competition has been held for 8 consecutive years with increasing response from universities and students. From the first rounds, participants get to listens to many lectures and talks from respectful and experienced speakers about financial concepts and knowledge. As we were getting deeper into the competition, the tasks of the candidates gets more and more challenging as we have to propose a plan to real clients. SET Star group has to develop the investment plan while K Star group has to come up with the financial plan. In addition, the candidates also participated in Muang Thai Star Insurance Planning and also a PTT CSR Award.  

Being is YFS is a great experience, no matter it is the connection we got or the knowledge we gained. Participants in the program had a chance to learn from the best in the industry about personal financial planning, investment or insurance planning. At the end of the day, we all learned that not only coming up with the plan is important, but so as communicating it out to others.
Over 4500 students entered into the competition earlier in August2010. The 3 round of YFS rounded down the number of participants to 300, 50, and finally the final 9.
The Young Financial Star Competition 2010 concluded with BBA Thammasat emerge as winners of all competition categories.
Miss Chaniporn Piromsopa
1st prize SET Star Investment Planner and Muang Thai Star Insurance Team
Miss Pornchanok Sophonkiattikun
1st prize K Star Financial Planner and PTT CSR Star Team
Mr. Pisit Putthacharoenwat
1st prize Muang Thai Star Insurance Planner and Muang Thai Star Insurance Team
Mr. Aekapop Guruvanich
2nd Runner-up SET Star Financial Planner and 1st Runner-up PTT CSR Star Team
Mr. Phoomsuan Aramcharoen
Runner-up PTT CSR Star Team
Posted date: February 9, 2011 – 13:15 hrs.