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TMRS Young Marketing Research Program#8

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By Pattadol Sopajitwattana, BBA17
 “A map is considered an indispensable tool for traveler. So is marketing research to the marketers in the sense that it not only provides them with the insight of the consumers but also serves as a measure of the effectiveness of the existing marketing campaigns”
Having realized this fact, we decided to participate in the program called “TMRS Young Marketing Research Program” of which the aim was to extend knowledge of marketing research, and to promote young marketing researchers. We were at first required to complete the test and submit the essays to the selection committee. Once qualified to join the real 5-day session during October 11-15 2010 held at Thammasat University, we were intensively trained by several well-experienced marketing researchers from research companies. We really appreciated the opportunity to be equipped with knowledge in this field and practical research techniques.

At the end of the training, all teams were assigned to come up with the “research proposal” appropriate for accessing the consumer insight and understanding of the key success factors that will drive the brand toward sustainable growth and competitiveness in the market  for their client, Entrée, the snack brand under “S.Khonkaen food”.  We as a team from Thammasat University, ended up being the winner for such competition and receiving the silver medal from the Thailand Marketing research Society as an indicator of our exceptional performance.
Team members:
5102640728 Miss Passara Pongputtipoon
5102640736 Miss Pathumvadee Apiratpinyo
5102640751 Miss Pattraporn Borwornudomwong
5102640918 Mr Pattadol Sopajitwattana
Posted date: October 28, 2010 – 13:10 hrs.