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TUBC 2010 Triumph: The Winning Team - BBA Thammasat University

Message from the Winning Team
Thammasat University
Having the chance to make the finals, present in front of our family, friends and professors, and then claim the winner made this long awaited event, TUBC 2010, a very special experience for our team.  The Thammasat team, represented as “Vincit Consulting,” comprised of Sasirat Kittichungchit (Opener/Closer), Karanvir Singh Thakral(Analyst), Tamonwan Chen (Finance), and myself Vorawan Wangpanitkul (Strategist). 

The key success factors to our team for the TUBC competition are factors each of us value individually: hard work and strong team dynamics. We constantly reminded ourselves we were reflecting the product of BBA Thammasat, so we never lost sight of the quality standards we expected out of our analysis and recommendations.  We fine-tuned ourselves to complement one another with our differing strengths.  We were an efficient and passionate team.  These principles allowed for a team whose output reflected our highest potential.   Thus, in spite of facing tremendous competition in the preliminary round from being in the same division with top notch schools as USC and NUS, we were able to pull through to the final round. 
We would like to take this opportunity to extend our warm appreciation to the following people:  First and foremost, we owe our utmost gratitude and respect to Ajarn James Fitzpatrick for his coaching and guidance.  We would also like to thank Ajarn Satjaporn Tunsong, our “lucky charm”, Ajarn Supawat Likhitthanawong for constantly grilling us in Q&A throughout the practices, and to all our professors, for providing us with inspiration and knowledge.   Last but not least, we are truly grateful to the BBA Thammasat Program for their ongoing support in this case activity throughout the years.   
Last of all, a final note to my team members: We were right. “Labor Omnia Vincit”… Hard work does conquer all! It is this we shall never forget. 
By Vorawan(Michelle)  Wangpanitkul, BBA#16