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VARSITY TEAM: the 1st Runner-up from Mission I’m Possible Marketing Plan 2008

By Sasirat,Pornchanok&Sukrit BBA#16
We called it Freedom beyond True Happiness. Look closely and you will understand what it really means….as the marketing plan for 1-2-Call. Does it ring a bell? Anyone?
We, Miss Sasirat Kittichungchit (Pui), Miss Pornchanok Sophonkiattikun (O) and Mr. Sukrit Tantisuwitkul (Pingpongpae), only learned about this competition 3 days before the submission deadline and decided to go for it. Why? It was such a great opportunity for us to get a hand-on experience in the real world. So every minute, every second, we racked our brain, squeezed every idea and put them all into practical use; for the main objectives of this Mission I’m possible this year are to maintain and expand 1-2-Call customer base.
When we waltzed through the 1nd round, we launched our on-ground activity called Freedom to be whoever you want and more, which received tremendous support from BBA friends, dear roon nong and roon pi. Million thanks from us for without you we could never get to this point! Of course, we emphasized on the Freedom Concept. Everyone can be whoever they want to be and it could mean much more if they start contributing back to the community.
Also, along with that, we also needed to conduct a marketing research on consumer behavior and predict the market trend on the pre-paid mobile industry which we found very challenging since the only marketing course we have finished so far was just mk201. Again, Ajarn Edwards taught us well enough that Varsity got through the second round. 10 teams we were now left.

From 405 teams countrywide, down to 30 and now the final 10 teams. The presentation was the last thing we have to deliver and we wanted to give it our best shot.  The past experiences thought us that the same-old business type of presentation will not do in differentiating us from the others, so we included colorful costume, a little of drama and most importantly, the green wigs. Of course, the judges were impressed. What we did not learn from the classroom, we acquired it here in this competition. The judges’ comments were invaluable and very useful to us for it is real in the working world.
Finally, after days of hard work, nights of no sleep and two and a half months of collaboration, we emerged the 1st runner up of the 1-2-call Mission I’m possible competition!
Looking back to the start, it was truly a memorable experience seeing what we have accomplished. Lesson learnt from this competition is that marketing is always a fluid concept which keeps changing and evolving all the time; there is no rights; there is no wrongs. We will always have to keep up to its pace, if not ahead. Also, teamwork is at the heart of our achievement. We came to know that all is possible when we come together working as a team. Supporting, caring and pushing one another is our key in opening the door of success.
This, we believe, is only the beginning.
Posted date: October 20, 2008 – 12:45 hrs.